The Question of Why Tunisia and the Influence of Tunisia Legal

Tunisia is located in North Africa, and although a member of the Arab world, but has also close relations and association with many European countries. This is through close economic cooperation with some European countries, partly because of its proximity and location, being with coastline located in the northernmost part of North Africa, near the southern part of Europe. There can be many reasons on why invest in Tunisia, but also why not invest in Tunisia when one can have many opportunities there. Tunisia is rich in gas and oil, and the government there is having a change, thus there are also many opportunities created. Tunisia is offering several incentives to businesses wanting to open their offshore offices in the nation. This is one type of specialization that Tunisia Legal can help, for these multinational businesses wanting to open their offshore branch offices in the place.

Attractive incentives are offered and worth grabbing, like a 10 year tax exemption on profits, or no tax on value added, or the zero custom duties. These are incentives truly attractive for these multinational companies to open their offshore branches in the place. There are also attractive subsidies offered. For these multinational companies wanting to open their offices in the place, Tunisia Legal will be of great help. There can be several factors that can affect the prospects of opening a new business in a place, like lobbying in the government, influencing policies, or even in public affairs. These are specialization that Tunisia Legal can give to these multinational businesses opening there offshore offices in the place.

Tunisia Legal

Investing in Tunisia may pose some questions to some people who don’t know the country. Tunisia is a Mediterranean country that is a combination of the modern world of today and also the traditional world. It is a part of the Arab and African world, a world of tradition but also is in combination with the European quality of life. Investing in Tunisia thus can be very fulfilling because it is a country that is a combination of the East and West civilization and with a bright future for business.

Tunisia is a country worthwhile investing into and they are offering incentives to offshore companies wishing to open their business in the country. Tunisia legal can help companies wanting to set up their offshore offices in this place, and attractive incentives are there to grab for this purpose. The incentive of a 10 year tax exemption on profits and zero value added tax can be so tempting for these offshore companies. Zero custom duties is also offered, and also others including some subsidies that are very attractive and tempting.

For these offshore companies wanting to open their offices in the place, Tunisia legal can be of much help. This is because they work around with high level officials and leaders of the country. Offshore companies can thus be their partners and clients where they can help them not only in setting up their businesses but also help in building up an extensive base of public support. These companies can then get into a good start while also availing themselves of the many attractive tax incentives.

How Tunisia Legal Helps You

There have been several ways to get an offshore company in Tunisia and only a few have become a better way of doing it. This is due to one legal company that has helped them get through with every little paper that needed signing and every legal paper that needs explanations: it was Tunisia Legal.

Tunisia legal is the best, serious and modern international legal consultation and service cabinet that can be found in Tunisia. If you are looking to invest or make an offshore company in that place, make sure you go to Tunisia Legal and make it your first priority in your legal company list. They will give you high quality legal services that will certainly help you in establishing your offshore company. Also these services will always go with the international standards. They assistance will always be something related with the law so if you have a hard time understanding some laws with Tunisia then these guys will help you right away.

They can help you by giving you advices and assistance that have relations with gas and oil engineering and even with construction issues with your onshore and offshore oil and gas terminals within Tunisia territory. You need to clarify what you are going to do with all of those natural resources in Tunisia. You just can’t get into Tunisia and start building. You need to clear things up with the law and for that Tunisia Legal will help you right away.

Tunisia Legal

Tunisia can be a country with traditional and conservative values but many do not know also that this is country that is very modern and with European like qualities. It is because of its part of the Arab and African world, making the country seem conservative and traditional, but it is a country with very dynamic society. Investing in Tunisia is very much viable, and Tunisia legal can be of much help in this regard. Tunisia is situated in the Mediterranean, at the junction between the Eastern and Western world because it is only a few hundred kilometers of the southern part of Europe. This makes the country ideal for business, and with Tunisia legal being capable of customizing the basic requirements according to the specific needs of possible investors, business will have a smooth sailing.

Questions may crop up on why invest in Tunisia when there are other countries to invest into. The answer can be on the incentives and offers that are given to companies wanting to open their offices in the country. The attractive incentives can be worth grabbing, like the 10 year tax exemption on profits and also no value added tax charged, likewise with no custom duties. There are also other incentives offered which are all very attractive, and worthwhile looking into.

There are also other factors worth listening, like the influence that Tunisia legal have with the government’s policy makers and other opinion leaders. Many issues like taxation, banking, and other sensitive legal issues can be treated with all the help given and also help in public support, to make the business run smoothly.

Tunisia Legal

Legal services have helped many individual especially small business owners that often face a number of legal hurdles. This has been a huge load off a business owner’s back as they are able to continue with their production with little to no worries about having any legal issues or similar problems plague them in the present and also in the future.

Tunisia Legal protects the rights and welfare of their clients, ensuring protection for the business against lawsuits and other legal issues a business owner may face. They are known for their rigid and modern international legal consulting and services cabinet in Tunisia. High quality legal services and top level assistance are one of the many services Tunisia Legal can provide for their clients.

Acquiring for their services is made easy and convenient, even if one is not located or situated near Tunisia. This is because they have incorporated their services online making them accessible at any given time or place. Having the services of a legal consultant can be very reassuring lessening the risks involved when engaging in a business or making important decisions.

Small time business owners and even large companies can take advantage of having legal services within their reach. One can’t exactly tell what the future may bring to a business and problems are constant and never ending. This is why getting advices from outside sources that are unbiased and fair is essential to keep a business up and running for years to come.

justice for tunisia

Tunisia Legal Matters

Each country or state has its own rules and laws. Even certain parts of such also obey laws and legalities. There are so many things that influence this set rules and regulations. Laws and legal matters are also sometimes based on principles, personal opinions, and religious influences. Tunisia is one of the places that has its own legal matters. Some people especially those who came for a visit would say that most of the legal matters or principles are influenced by traditional beliefs and religious beliefs.

Tunisia is located at the junction of the eastern and western basins of the Mediterranean. Some facts cited above are due to the idea that this place is a forefront when it comes to history. Legal matters on marriage and in some aspects of the society are sometimes weird and too old for some but still since it’s part of the amended law, people would still follow them. Some of the Tunisia legal matters on marriage include the minimum age for marriage both for men and women; documents needed if in case the couple is below legal majority and some zero tolerance offenses like polygamy. The law observed by Tunisia is also very strict as it’s based on French civil law system and Islamic Law. It’s a well-known fact that anything created based on religious views is stricter compared to others.

Tunisia legal matters can be researched online; thus people planning to pay a visit and see someone in this specific country should take time and read these rules to avoid mistakes and embarrassing moments.


Transitional Justice in Tunisia

Country Leads the Way in Transitional Justice is a news item about the adoption of a comprehensive law on transitional justice by the country’s National Constituent Assembly held in Tunisia last April 14.

Tunisia human rights, 110516 Tunisian revolution enhances Arab human rig…

Tunisia human rights, 110516 Tunisian revolution enhances Arab human rig…—Magharebia (

The Ministry of Human Rights and Transitional Justice of Tunisia organized the event. It was attended by the country’s highest officials, as well as some UN members and other international human rights organizations. Because one of the main issues of the conference dealt with the previous regime’s human rights abuses, there were also victims and representatives of civil society groups in the audience.

Also discussed during the conference was the issue of corruption. To address these two main concerns, a Commission of Inquiry into Human Rights Violations during the Revolution was set up. As well, the establishment of a National Fact-Finding Commission on Embezzlement and Corruption underlined the government’s intention of fighting corruption in all aspects of society.

President Moncef Marzouki addressed the audience at the opening of the conference with the following statement:

“Tunisians are expecting tangible results; they cannot wait indefinitely. The wounds of the past must be cured and healed. We have faith in transitional justice and not in a vengeful justice.”


Strategies to deal with past human rights abuses were brought forth by the members of the civil rights and victims’ groups. There were even proposals submitted to the Minister of Human Rights and Transitional Justice on the topic of transitional justice. These will hopefully strengthen the pushing for a law on transitional justice with special emphasis on gender justice and the quest for truth. Justice can sometimes be found in the unlikely of places, some people run marathons in large groups as way to build solidarity towards a cause. Be careful though as this can cause knee pain especially after a long run.

Top Three Things You Should Know About Tunisia

Tunisia is a very interesting country, if we are to look at it geographically, culturally, and historically. If it is not a country you are familiar with it, this blog post can hopefully give you some basic information about Tunisia and what you can expect when you set foot in it.

Tunisian flag, Sisi Mouldi mosque Tozeur

Tunisian flag, Sisi Mouldi mosque Tozeur—Shaun D Metcalfe (

1. Islam is Tunisia’s official religion, but it encourages the practice of other religions.

Though the country decrees that its president has to be Muslim, Tunisia does exercise the right to practice one’s religion in freedom. To break it down, Tunisia is about 98% Muslim, 1% Christian, and 1% Jewish other religions.

In fact, in stark contrast to other Muslim countries, Tunisia is lenient about traditional Islamic garb such as head scarves and burkas. As Wikipedia describes it, the Tunisian government finds the hijab “a garment of foreign origin having a partisan connotation.”


2. Southern part is desert, northern part is mountainous.

Star Wars Annakin village in tunisian desert

Star Wars Annakin village in tunisian desert—Hicham Souilmi (

Don’t be startled to find Anakin Skywalker’s Tattooine village in this blog post—the Star Wars film scene was actually shot in the southern deserts of Tunisia!

The Sahara desert defines Tunisia’s southernmost geographical location, making for a semi-arid temperature and hot, dry summers. For some reason this climate has been beneficial to those that have suffered from mild strokes.

On the other hand, the northern part of the country is bordered by mountains. The difference in these borders provides Tunisian with an interesting environmental diversity. There are also regions in the country defined by rolling hills and plains, with bodies of water here and there.



3. The official language is Arabic.

Arabic book, Elsa Beskow book in arabic

Arabic book, Elsa Beskow book in arabic—Creap (


Arabic is the official language of Tunisia. Most of the people in the country speak Tunisian Arabic or Derja in the local vernacular.

However, due to Tunisia being occupied by the French in the past, many Tunisians can speak French. It is widely used in education, literature, and business writing in the country. There is also a handful of Tunisians who can speak Italian, largely because of the country’s proximity to Italy.

10 years since the bombing of the synagogue

Tunisia synagogue, Tunisia Sfax Synagogue scan0179

Tunisia synagogue, Tunisia Sfax Synagogue scan0179—stephaniecomfort (

Tunisia has a small but passionate following of the Jewish faith and all of them were rocked emotionally by the bombing that occurred almost 10 years ago to this day. A small demonstration of Salafi loyalists helped pass the Islamic Law which of course heighten tensions even more.

In the end human rights should be the only and respectful action to take in many circumstances.

This video shows that Islamic extremist exhert massive pressure on the Tunisia Governing bodies and the people that are supposed to represent all of the peoples of Tunisia.

What to do in Tunisia

There are many things that you can do if you are planning to spend a family vacation in Tunisia. You can contact some of your friends to be your guide or you can contact some agency to arrange something for you, your friends or family.

Before going to Tunisia, you have to make sure that all your papers and requirements are all fixed without any issues or something like that. Make sure that sure that you check the hotels and accommodations. Tell some of your friends that you are going to this country and you’ll be staying at this hotel etc. This is important because we will never know what will happen during our travel right? So just in case something happens along your travel, your friends or the authorities will know where and how to find you. As a side note, make sure to wear sunglasses since its usually sunny this will help avoid bags under your eyes as well.

You can go to the following Tourist spots:

Remarkable Roman site of a once prosperous town with the capitol, theater and a Punic mausoleum.

Bardo Museum (Le Musee National du Bardo):
Spectacular Roman mosaics are the high point of this museum.

Medina of Tunis
The city’s old quarter hearkens back to the opulence once prevalent from the 12th to the 16th century.

Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul

Trip Advisor

These are just some of the places that you can visit in Tunisia. You can so search over the internet with regards to the places that you can stay in Tunisia, their communication system, language, food and culture as well.

You can go to the beach or dive in to the most tempting and cozy swimming pool in the hotel that you’re staying at.

Watch the video on Youtube: 

Plan a vacation with your friends and have one of the most memorable experience in Tunisia. If you’re having problems while you’re in Tunisia, try to fix it or if you can fix it then just go with it. Don’t let your problems or small issues ruin your wonderful vacation. Wherever you may go, small problems will always occur. But then again, just have fun with it. :)

PS: Don’t forget to bring your camera, passport, video cam, pocket money, plane tickets and your emergency medical kits.

Marriage for Tunisians

There are different laws in every country, and it even applies in their religion.

marriage for tunisian


In some countries, women are allowed to get married at the age of 18. For men they are allowed at the of 21.

In Tunisia its a different thing.

“Marriage Age: minimum marriage age is 20 for males and 17 for females; scope for judicial discretion with wali�s consent and for compelling reasons and apparent benefit for both parties; if wali withholds consent and parties are adamant, matter must be taken to courts”
Law Emory

But if the couple decided to marry each other below the legal age, a consent is required.

In some country, Muslims are allowed to marry more than one woman. But in Tunisia whether you’re a Muslim or not, polygamy is not allowed in the country.

“Polygamy: prohibited; penal sanctions for polygamous husband and wife who knowingly enters into polygamous marriage are one years prison sentence and/or fine”
Law Emory

Watch the video in Youtube: 

A Tunisian Wedding looks fun. But if you want to be married at early age, then you better get a consent first so will not have any problems in processing it.

Beauty of Tunisia

Tunisia is a Tunisian Republic located in Northern Africa. Tunisia is a Muslim Country that has a population of 10,732,900 as of July 2012. There are over 98% Muslims, 1% Jewish and 1% with other religion. Many people of this region exhibit sunken eyes.

I’m not really sure if they are also known for the beauty of their Country.

Bookable Holidays

You’ll be the judge. :)

I’ve never heard about Tunisia before until few weeks ago. Infairness to Tunisia, I don’t really memorize all the Countries in the world.

When I researched a little bit about Tunisia, I was starting to like their Country.

“Tunisia has a rich cultural history, ever since Antiquity. The Carthaginian Empire, Rome’s arch enemy, was centered in Tunisia. Its capital, Carthage, is now a suburb of Tunis. Founded by Phoenician settlers from Tyre and Sidon (modern day Lebanon), Carthage was an ancient Mediterranean powerhouse.”
Wiki Travel

Though I’ve heard that Tunisia is also experiencing some Terrorism threat or some sort of protest, I still want to visit their Country in due time.

Well I don’t know if there’s such a Country without people protesting on the streets trying to fight for their rights or any Terrorism threat…

It’s just a matter of time.. If it’s your time to die no matter how careful you are or where you are, fate will always come to find you.

Watch the Video on Youtube

So might as well enjoy a vacation with your significant other in Tunisia or wherever you want to. :)

laws and order database

A large list of tunisian laws and orders from the islamic country would be a wonderful reference for future scholars as they try to understand the intent of the leaders.

This has always been a deep consideration as Tunisia modernizes and adapts to western technological progress. Thankfully a los angeles web design firm  has been instrumental in understanding why and where to strategically position this data and all that seek to understand it.



The legal system of tunisa is in its infancy. In the last decade many have tried to open up elections for this small nation state. In 2009 elections were held nationally that many western media claimed as oppressive and non-democratic. And then in 2011 there was a revolution – many people were being connected via social media and smart phones.

This allowed technological form of assembly and thus new leaders were allowed to bring about change. Moncef Marzouki was elected the president and his coalition was sworn in on the 13th of december. It is more progressive in nature than that of the islamic nahda party which was of the majority. continues its mission of providing safe and legal means for the small nation of tunisa. We are growing along with our country and as of 2009 we are ranking in africa. This lion is roaring.

Of course crops and agriculture is the main source of our wealth. We have attracted a few silicon valley corporations here such as HP and Apple.